Hovawart - FCI classification
Group Group dog belonging to Pinscher e Schnauzer typology - Molossers (2)
Standard n. 190 del 12/01/1998
Name Hovawart
Color Black and tan, black, blonde
Height at withers 63-70 cm for Male
58-65 cm for Female
Ideal weigh from 35 to 45 kg

The Hovawart

This breed originally comes from the Black Forest's area and is mentioned in medieval texts and paintings. Its name has references to the words WART (Guardian) and HOVA/HOF (House). Always present in southern Germany as a farm guardian, this breed has been re-selected more coherently since 1922 starting from dogs reckoned similar to medieval Hovawart. For such selection they also used Newfoundlands, Leonbergers, Rottweilers, German Sheperd Dogs and even St. Bernards.

The Hovawart, which is classified among molossers, is a big-sized, hardy dog of great usefulness even if slenderer than other molossers such as the Swiss Mountain Dog.
Its long coat can be blonde, black or wild boar.
The Hovawart is currently used as a family dog in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark but also as a guard dog, defence dog, avalanche rescue dog, missing people rescue dog, guide dog, anti-drug and military purpose dog.

It is indeed a good-temperament dog very affectionate and close to the family, and at one and the same time it can be extremely protective, vigilant and courageous.

Does not stand any kind of exclusion; it is not the kind of dog you can keep in your garden to play with him sometimes. It needs to be constantly part of the family life and to enjoy man company at home, work or while travelling. It's clear that the general behaviour towards dogs in Italy in restaurants, hotels, places of work and any other public places, is one of the deterrent to the diffusion of this breed in Italy.
In Germany, the country of highest concentration of this breed and where they have best worked out its character selection, it is considered a playful family pet which can instantly turn in to a dreadful defender of the house, the masters and the kids. It shows towards other animals the same temperament he does with humans; affectionate and playful with familiars, cautious with strangers.

The Hovawart needs very much physical and psychic activity. Other kinds of disciplines are also advised apart from Utility and Defence - which is a discipline that, if well led, shows to the dog its potential and therefore reduces the possible congenital awe (and so the risk of accidents) - such as Agility (in which it is pretty good although its bulk), Mondioring, Obedience, people search and any other activity allowing him to express his physical and mental potentials.
He will always try to excel in every sport discipline he's subject to, but pay attention to the cheeky playfulness which is typical of this breed!

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