Dwarf Poddle - Classification FCI
Group Companion dogs (9)
Name Dwarf Poodle
Color Black, white, brown, grey, apricot
Height at withers 28-35cm
Ideal weight approx. 7 kg
Miniature Poddle
The Miniature Poodle is been among the favourite pets of many important sovereigns and historical figures; this alone gives evidence of the wide popularity of this breed.
The first appearance of the Poodle as a companion dog in people's houses dates back to mid-17th century, when, due to his sweetness and devotion, he was loved, especially by dames.
On the origins of this breed there is much disagreement because many countries wish to ascribe to it the characteristic of "indigenous species".
The most reliable hypothesis is that making the breed derive from the "Barbet". According to the 1896 old order this breed was labelled "Barbone Italiano" (Italian Poodle). Nowadays in France this breed is classified with the name of "Caniche", from "canard" or rather "mallard" which is hunted by the Poodle. In the UK and US this breed is still used for this kind of hunt.
The Miniature Poodle is a small size smart-looking dog, always active and on the alert.
His body-build is harmonic and gives the impression of elegance and pride. He's got a hopping and proud bearing and therefore doesn't have to walk with long and gliding step.
The Miniature Poodle should preserve as a much as possible some properties of the Standard Poodle and never show any appearance of miniaturism.
Such a breed also needs an accurate grooming.
The grooming has an aspect of outstanding importance for those wishing to engage in kennel demonstrations.
There are two kinds of grooming: lion's mane and modern.
Both of them are very laborious and require much time and experience to be performed.
At a previous time the Poodle was shorn on the back so that he could move easier in water, leaving the coat on his chest to protect his heart and lungs from cold.
Since he often had to penetrate in overgrown marshes  which could have hidden him in his master's eyes, the tuft of hair on his head was tied with a coloured ribbon, which made him more visible. On his tail his master left a hair pompon to protect the delicate tip of his tail from any injure.
The grooming of Poodles has not come for aesthetic purposes but rather for functional ones.
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