territorio limitrofo
The Territory
The current territory of the Municipality of Santa Venerina was in antiquity mainly characterised by thick woods and small plains and hills inhabited by the Sicels.
The arrival of the first Chalcidians colonists at SchisÚ in 734 BC did not produce immediately any clash with the indigenous population for the Greeks, once settled along the shores of the Ionian Sea, got engaged with the Sicels in the trade of food and timber, only a lot later.
However, as time passed by, the Greeks took the upper hand on the natives, mainly for the growing number of those moving form the by then dangerous riverside to the countries along mount Etna.
In 211 BC, with the victory of the Romans on the Carthaginians, Sicily fell under Roman rule.
The discovery of some golden and silver coins found in some sepulchres in the territory of Linera witnesses that the territory was already inhabited under the Roman republic and just to that period dates back the establishment of the cultivation of linen and hemp (hence the toponym Linera, frazione (district) of Santa Venerina).
The origins and development of Santa Venerina were determined by its position bordering both on the county of Jaci and on the county of Mascali.
The wayfarers crossing the border between the two counties were supposed to pay custom duties that were drawn by the Acireali guards on behalf of the Jaci Senate.
As a consequence of the settlement of such people in the territory appeared the first inhabited unit. They also built a chapel dedicated to Jaci patron saint Saint Venera.
Similarly, in the current territory of San Leonardello, the guards of Mascali drew custom duties to let the wayfarers cross the border and brought to the territory the cult of Saint Leonard, patron saint of Mascali, which gives the name to the town.
The demographic development of Santa Venerina reached its peak around 1850 after many Acireali people bought lands in its territory.
Many distilleries rose in the area and launched a rich wine production that, together with the handicraft, shaped the structure of Santa Venerina's social and economical framework until it soon unified under a common Municipality.
The constitution of the Municipality of Santa Venerina dates back to 1936 with the breaking down of many portions of territory of the Municipalities of Acireale, Zafferana Etnea and Giarre.

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